A Simple Gift



1.1.1 - Properly scaling UI based on full-screen view
1.1.0 - Added Ending icon list to intro and in-game
1.0.3 - Bugfix: Removed skip input lag on endings
1.0.2 - Updated content and spelling issues throughout
1.0.1 - Updated volume of sounds to something not ear-shattering
1.0.0 - Main release


Made for Minijam 32https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-32-explosion

Theme: Explosions

Limitation: Destruction must be a core gameplay mechanic

The goal for this prototype / release was explosions. The rest of the game is just a vehicle for those explosions. There are elements of a roguelike in the pathing and movement of the main character. This is the first game jam where I created nearly all the pixelart tile pieces used in the game. The art took a day and some change. The rest of the technical implementation was done over 2 days.

What Made It: Text events along the path, multiple endings (9 in total), tile floor variations, destructible obstacles, basic light-on-tilemap action, EXPLOOOSIONS.

What Didn't Make It: 3 endings related to monsters, monsters, light-based monster-fighting dynamic, deeper cave levels and puzzles, forest level.

What I Learned:

  • Flexibility vs maintainability. Instead of over-engineering a proper set of scripts, I went hog wild making scripts and game objects that fit the bill in Unity. Results? Yes. Maintainability? Ohh ho ho no.
  • While I was able to flex some creative pixel muscle, it was required of me at some point during the dev cycle to find free art assets for the explosion and characters, Thomas and Claudia. See credits below for sources.
  • Sleep is still important. As much as caffeine.
  • Sound added so much depth, and was expected. Getting sound to fire for the first time means I will put it at higher priority. Looking at you next, music.
  • Becoming more solid in Pixel Perfect Unity layouts. What was once a few hour chore was complete in 20 minutes.


Anthony Gross
Font - "Hello World"
Public domain, GPL, OFL

Ansimuz https://ansimuz.itch.io
Explosion animations pack - https://ansimuz.itch.io/explosion-animations-pack
Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Tiny RPG Town - https://ansimuz.itch.io/tiny-rpg-town 
Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal 

Please leave feedback or issues in comments below, or hit me up on Discord. Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy!


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This is now my most-played itch.io game! Very nice, especially on a game jam timeline! I like how the musings to himself act as memory aids for where you've visited.


Glad you enjoyed it!

Really nice game! I liked how you could see all the endings you had already gotten in the game and how many were left. The game itself was very fun to play even though I exploded myself quite a few times :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Will look more into GDWC.


Loved the gold chain ending! The gameplay is fun, I want to keep exploring to find new endings. Impressed!

Lol finished it in 1 second literally ^^

Congrats! I hope it wasn't due to a bug!