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I like the comedy dialogue with the AI! It was fun to see what Jino would say next :D


Thanks! The dialogue is going to be a big part of the draw. Currently working on a more fleshed-out prologue. Will post some more progress soon!

Yeah, this was cool, please continue it!

Loved the dialogues, they were really cool, you got me laughing multiple times :)

Only bad thing: I was a little disappointed that there was no music in the game.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I agree some music would help with the mood. Any sound at all would actually. I'll put that on a list.

This is good, I'd play more of this if you get around to adding more content.

Thank you! If I expand any more on the idea I'll post updates.

Pretty great foundation!  You managed to hit a consistent style/theme even with just a few days' work, and the systems worked perfectly.  This is a solid start to a point-and-click adventure.  Kudos!  

Ay thanks chief! You hit the nail on the head, the systems foundation is all set up. The entire thing is basically run on interconnecting Unity ScriptableObjects. Some efficiencies to be made, but overall not too shabby.